Red Light Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relife,Shoulder Heating Pad,Infrared Light Therapy for Body,Improve Joint Muscle, 660nm&850nm Red Light Heated Shoulder Wrap

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  • Red Light Therapy for Shoulder: Viconor red light therapy lamp has 80 LEDs light, each light includes 2pcs 660nm red light (visible) + 1pcs 850nm infrared light (invisible) .Red light device with 660 and near-infrared 850nm is the best combination wavelength for therapy by penetrate and cause thermal effects to increase tissue temperature,enhance metabolism, improve cell vitality.
  • ShoulderR Heating Pad:Built-in infrared heating pad for shoulders,his heating pad provides a comfortable warm compress for your shoulder and upper arm.
  • 5 Heat & Red Light Sstting & Auto-off:This Infrared Light Therapy for Body has five modes, one (25% Energy, 102°F), two (50% Energy, 113°F), three (75% Energy, 124°F), four (100% Energy, 146°F), and five (Pulse mode, 112°F). Maximum power is 24.8W, built-in overheat protection chip, automatic shut-off after 30 minutes of working, safer than other brands of heating pads.
  • Dual Power Mode: This Red Light Therapy Shoulder has 2 power modes, direct plug-in use and USB mode connected to a mobile power source. This Shoulder pad is universal for both left and right shoulders, and can take care of shoulder joints and arm muscles at the same time.
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Red Light Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relife,Shoulder Heating Pad,Infrared Light Therapy for Body,Improve Joint Muscle, 660nm&850nm Red Light Heated Shoulder Wrap

From EmmalitaMarie

High Quality

has purchased: Infrared therapy light

Absolutely thrilled with this purchase! The curved panel design really seems to concentrate the light better, casting an incredibly bright glow that's perfect for my morning routine. I use it for 30 minutes every morning, and it truly kickstarts my day, leaving me feeling energized and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that burst of morning brightness!

From Dharmik Mehta

Red Light Therapy for body effective pain relief

has purchased: Viconor Red Light Therapy Lamp

I love full body red light panels, but this is the most affordable option with the most lights, settings, and freestanding options so I can place it anywhere. This panel is curved so it can be molded to your face, scalp, shoulders, or any part of your body you need. The lamp also comes with a pair of goggles - a must have in my opinion when using this on my face. The size is an outstanding feature. It is large enough to sit comfortably in a chair and place it on the floor, and it will still reach the height needed to effectively treat the shoulder and neck area. For those of us who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or suffer from posture-related discomfort, this is a significant advantage. This device has earned a permanent place near my desk for its superior convenience and effectiveness, especially for my neck and shoulders. Additionally, the device is versatile and the stand can be adjusted for desktop use, thus fitting a variety of settings and needs. This lamp is a great way to apply red light therapy to multiple areas of the body in a time-saving manner. It was very easy to set up and it is very sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap or top-heavy and I'm not worried about it tipping over or falling. Additionally I have used this device's band for back pain and was pleasantly surprised with positive results as well. All in all, I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from neck pain or muscle tension issues. Its ease of use and the tangible results it provides make it an indispensable tool for overall health and well-being. ---Dharmik Mehta

From Ms. Thomas

Amazing treatment! Easy to use and Easy to adjust

has purchased:

I love this red light as an add on for my facial treatments in my treatment room! The light was easy to assemble and is very easy to use. It came with glasses to protect the eyes and IA easy to adjust. The base is very sturdy. I'm so happy with this red light!
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